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Wood Carving
Linford Poem

We would like to thank all the people for their help and time in putting these web pages together

Mr Phil Jones of the Milton Keynes Park Trust

Jack for the many photos of the wood

Mr. Don Cook for his recollections of his early life in Milton Keynes as a school teacher

Mr Ray Bell-Chambers for his sound track of his life

Mr. M.Taylor for his Linford Wood Poem

Mr. B. Schram (Head teacher of Southwood Middle School)

Colin Barrett for putting up with us at the Open University

Chris Valentine for his help and wild life photos

And the team of the CLUTCH support at the Open University

Councillor Christine Tilley for the information and maps

Mr Richard Hubbard for his knowledge of Linford Wood

Mr Keith Noakes for his information

And last but not least the parents who did the research, and put the web site together

Cliff Parker - Jane Kneller - Ivor King - Graham & Nasim Strong

Ann Heatley - Kevin Walker.

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