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Oliver Wells School

Kathy Blanchard
Kathy started working at Oliver Wells school as an art teacher. She helped set up the art department and was teaching art and maths to 11 years and over age group.
Kathy was involved with setting up Integration classes at Springfield school in 1983 to enable the pupils to mix with main stream children. In the same way Integration was set up with Sir Frank Markham secondary school. Also a lot of pupils were integrated into their own local schools. It was always 1 member of staff from Oliver Wells school went with the pupil to the school to help with settling in.
They also did art and music projects with Langland school and Moorlands school. A few of the children also enjoyed projects with Interaction on Peartree Bridge, including horse riding and the yearly canal trip.
Pupils from Oliver Wells school enjoyed holidays abroad in places such as Denmark, Belgium, Germany (yearly as a joint holiday with Sir Frank Markham), and also California.
Kathy has always had a keen interest in teaching children with learning difficulties and has enjoyed the experience. She worked at Oliver for 12 years until it closed in 1993, and is now Deputy Head teacher of The Redway school.
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