What is a blackout?

A blackout was created by people putting either a black curtain or cardboard up at the windows to stop any light from inside being seen from the outside.

Some people also painted a green line around the edge of their windows to make sure that no light was seen.

The approximate time for the blackouts were:

Autumn 8 pm to 6 am

Winter 6 pm to 8.30 am

Spring 8.45 pm to 7 am

Summer 11 pm to 5 am

People in the village did not really like the blackouts, but they had no choice. They had to remember to be careful at all times, especially when they went out or came in during the blackout.

The air raid warden would go round the village and make sure not a chink of light could be seen from the outside. If he did see any light, he would bang on the window or door and shout "put that light out".

The blackouts played an important part during the war to protect the home land, if no lights were shown the German planes were not able to view any locations, and were unable to find out where they were flying over.

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