Reverend Guest - Parish Life

This is a photo of a village outing in June 1926. Reved Guest and his son are in the bottom right hand corner with the infamous bike
see our section on the bike for more details
Reverend Guest was a larger than life gentleman who brought to New Bradwell a big culture shock. He stood about 6ft 3in tall was bald headed and a very stubborn man After the illegal marriages saga he constantly came into conflict with many of his parishioners over many issues. He introduced a new style of worship in the form of a High Church service whilst the parishioners had been used to Low Church. It was envisaged that the parishioners would run the Church their own way but Reverend Guest would not be led. He had his own ideas and beliefs and was not going to let anything stand in his way.
The following is an account of a vestry meeting held on 1st April 1910 and started a trend which was continued in meetings that followed.
However, Reverend Guest was also known to have been a very charitable man even though this knowledge was not common to all the community. He had been known to leave money at a local butchers for families that didn't have enough to feed themselves.
He had even given the blankets off his beds and the food off his own dinner table if anybody was in need. Many a time his housekeeper would despair over remaking a meal or finding extra blankets. In the 1920 -1930's Stantonbury/New Bradwell suffered a great deal with the strikes and unemployment. Reverend Guest would always try to help as best he could without injuring anybodies pride. He was known to be a very terse or abrupt man who put the fear into many a person or child but deep inside there was a goodness that did shine through.
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The following is an account of a story that involved a conversation Reverend Guest had with one of his congregation