Reverend Guest - Sports

Reverend Guest was an extremely fit Gentleman who participated in a variety of sports including tennis, (he had his own tennis court in the vicarage gardens and often challenged anyone who wanted to to a game), swimming (he was regularly seen swimming up and down the River in New Bradwell) and boxing. As you can see from the cutting he challenged an Army reservist to a boxing match and it wasn't until the Bishop intervened that the fight was called off.
The Children nicknamed him 'Joey' but for what reason no-one has been able to ascertain. Reverend Guest hated this and that is why it stuck.
He was obviously a very
intelligent man and in a village like Stantonbury stood out like a sore thumb. He never found anybody who was on the same intellectual level as him and found it very hard to socialise.
In 1916 he was to meet his wife but that is another story.