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Water Sports Club Section 1
Whilst some members use the lake for wind surfing there is a separate lake at Lidlington which is solely for the use of windsurf boards.

The Sailing Club has recently set up a Sailing School approved by the Royal Yatching Association. There are a number of sailing courses available for both children and adults which range from basic sailing techniques to advanced levels. All courses are conducted by RYA approved instructors who are trained club members.

There are specific areas for launching and landing boats and this must not be carried out elsewhere (unless in an emergency). The Club has a firm policy to ensure minimum disturbance to the wildlife which includes geese, ducks, swans and other bird life.

The Club also has a range of events including various races throughout the year. The main public event is the Open Day which provides an opportunity for the general public to visit the club and see the various boats on and off the water. Members will take visitors out to give them a taste of sailing various types of dinghy. Sailors are free to take up serious racing or just cruise and enjoy getting the most out of their particular boat.

The club encourages family members and particularly the young sailor. Specific activities and races are designed with junior members in mind. Racing takes place on Sundays and on Wednesday evenings during the summer months. Above all
SAFETY is the most important thing about the club and everyone must wear the correct buoyancy aid and suitable clothing.

Members are also rotered for rescure boat duty as the Club has more than one safety boat - one of which is called The Stewartby Carrott!

One of the club members Fred Morris runs his own chandlery business and can be contacted at

The Angling section of Stewartby Watersports Club has two fishing matches per year but also encourages those who wish to fish for pleasure. There are several types of fish in the lake - Bream, Perch, Pike and Roach but only Pike and Roach may be caught. Both individul and family memberships are available and details can be found by visiting the Stewartby website ( and click on "Angling".
This section is affiliated to the Royal Yachting Association and all racing is governed by RYA Rules and the racing drivers must have an RYA licence before they can race. The circuit and timing facilities are excellent at Stewartby and enable the club to hold national and international events. See also the Stewartby website and click on "Powerboat"
Back to top The water ski-ing section has both "fun" skiers and "competitive" skiers and has a slalom course and ski jump. The ski-ing circuit has a run of approximately 1.5 miles. The section is affiliated to the British Water Ski Federation and several members are qualified BWSF instructors. See also Stewartby website and click on "Water ski-ing".