3. (Below) At stage 3 the path from Ampthill proceeds along the ridge to Houghton House. The house was built for the Countess of Pembrokeshire in 1615. It is thought to be John Bunyan's "House Beautiful" in Pilgrims Progress. The walk then continues skirting Kings Wood, onto the village of Maulden. The church at Maulden contains the mausoleum of the Bruce family who owned Houghton House from mid 17th. century to 1738.

From here, after passing through woodlands, the walk proceeds along the A6 into Clophill and then onto Northill.

Community Forest

Country Park

Greensand Ridge Walk

Marston Thrift

Water Sports Club
4. (Below) Prior to entering Northill, the walker will be able to see the edge of a complex of medieval fish ponds (on the far side of Home Wood) which were associated with Northill Manor (near the Church). The walk continues to Beeston and across the A1 into Sandy. Caesar's Camp near the Pinnacle in Sandy is an ancient British Fort and Sandy itself was once an important Roman centre. The route then follows the Sandy to Godmanchester Roman road and through the village of Everton and onto the journey's end in Gamlingay.
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