St Mary Magdalene
Buildings and location
Icons in and around the church
St Mary Magdalene church has some very fine statuary both inside and outside. Some was donated by parishioners when the church was first built.

Much of the church's furnishings were supplied or paid for by the Beale family.

The original altar and the crucifix above it were donated by former parishioners of Fr Henly and Dom Columba.

The Crucifix on the front elevation of the church
The Crucix scene over the altar. The Crucifix was donated when the church was first built and dates back to 1850.

The figures of Our Lady, St Mary Magdalene and St John were added later.

The statue on the right hand side of the church is of Our Lady and the baby Jesus
The statue on the left hand side of the church is of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
A view from the choir loft.

The candles are lit because the photograph was taken just after morning Mass.

One of the Stations of the Cross on the church walls