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Rarely has the village brook been so swollen as last week end owing to the thawed snow and heavy rains. In some places the water measured 20 yards across. Many fields were under water, and it is feared that some of the newly sown corn will suffer from being so long a time under water.

Stanley Stapleton, who joined the Navy prior to the war, has come home on a month's leave at the expiration of four years service. From a lad he has developed into a strong muscular man, and the villagers, who gave him a hearty welcome, are very proud of him.
"Jack" Dove, Beds Regiment, son of Mr and Mrs W Dove, a popular village lad, who had been in France for some time and once badly wounded, has been the recipient of parchment inscribed as follows: "I have read with great pleasure the report of your Commanding Officer and Brigade Commander regarding your gallant conduct and devotion to duty in the field, 24th to 28th October, 1917. Signed R B Stephens, Major-General commanding 5th Division.
More than 30 parcels of venison from Woburn Abbey were taken to as many houses in the village on Friday evening. A number of rabbits from the same source were also distributed.

Jesse Sibley, Beds Regiment, was home on Sunday. He is now at the Ampthill camp after being wounded by shrapnel in France. He was warmly welcomed, and his friends were pleased to find that he had quite recovered from shell shock.