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For many years the Bedfordshire Times dedicated part of its pages to the activities and reports of events in the villages. Here are the entries that were published for Husborne Crawley in the year of 1918.
Orders for 11 cwt of seed potatoes have been given through the Parish Council to the War Agricultural Committee.

During Christmas an effort at the Council Schools resulted in £2.00 being collected for
Sir A Pearson's Bline Soldiers' Fund. The sum of 16s was previously realised for the Overseas Club.

The Church Sunday Schools of this village and Ridgmount were entertained to a lantern entertainment at the Reading Room on Monday. The slides consisted of a series of war pictures followed by comic slides. The Rev A Rust was in charge of the lantern, and the
Rev A E Sasse explained the war pictures. The annual prize distribution preceded the entertainment.
A steam tractor arrived in the village last week-end and commenced ploughing up some of
Mr F W Barnwell's pasture land. It was the first of its kind to come into the neighbourhood, and its work was watched by those interested in agricultue with more than ordinary interest.

The second supply of venison from Woburn Abbey arrived on Friday, and was taken by Parish Councillors the same evening to the homes, where it was received with evident appreciation.

The intercessory services at Church on Sunday were well attended.