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The Church bells were muffled on Sunday in honour of the memory of George Peacock, an old ringer. News of the death of this young villager, killed in France, came to his parents on Thursday. He was one of four brothers serving, and joined up in the autumn of 1914 in the Beds Regiment. He had been through numerous engagements during his 3 years active service"
News from France relative to Sergt. Chas. Deacon, one of the three sons on active service of
Mr and Mrs W Deacon of Crow Lane, is rather disquieting. Nothing has been heard from him for several weeks, and now an officer writing fears he is either missing or wounded, or both. Sergt. Deacon joined the Beds Regiment and during training at Ampthill camp got his full sergeant's stripes.
Messrs F A Pickering, W H Dove and A Norris, Trustees of the Poors Estate Charity, met the householders on Friday at the Reading Room for the distribution of the longest day doles. Each of the 65 recipients received a new 10s note.
The takings at last week's garden fete exceeded £90 and as the expenses were very small, a large sum will be available for the wounded soldiers and sailors.

Mr Charles Rowland was the victim of a nasty cycle accident last week. He was coming home from Woburn when a loose screw released his carrier, which fixed the brake and threw him violently to the ground. He was stunned and very badly cut about the head, arms and hands. Lieut Carter, who was driving past, rendered first aid, and afterwards drove him to the surgery of Dr Smith. He had to keep his bed for some days, but is making good progress towards recovery.