Village Life
in 1911
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On Saturday night, Mr T H Beavington, of Highfield Farm, met with a serious accident, which resulted in a broken bone in his leg, and a damaged ankle. The accident happened in a peculiar way. Mr Beavington's sons had gone to get in from the fields an old horse, which had rendered good service to its owner for a long period, and in return was being kindly treated in its old age. The animal was found to be in difficulties through getting stuck in the mud and after it had been extracted it seemed so giddy and weak that Mr Beavington, who had retired to rest, was consulted as to the advisability of shooting the animal. Mr Beavington came down, and while examining the horse it fell down and caught his leg"

The last of the summer treats in connection with parochial institutions were the Women's Bible Class visit to Luton and the Band of Hope members to Bedford. The former, as last year, made Wardown Park their headquarters. Tea was provided by the Vicar and Mrs Rust. For the Band of Hope members who accompanied the Vicar to Bedford, tea was provided in Russell Park and another popular item in the programme was a trip up the river in a steame".