Village Life
in 1911
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The Coronation Celebration Committee held a meeting on Monday evening to make final arrangements for the festivities on June 22. The sports programme embraces 26 items, and closes with a greasy pole climb for a leg of pork. Tobacco will be distributed to men over 16 years of age, and the drink will include both ale and minerals. Promises of sweets for children and also photographs of the King and Queen, were made and accepted with thanks.
The festivities for so small a parish were on a large scale. The committee had £40 at its disposal, and so were able to spend £19 on a meat tea, and about £10 for sports, in addition to a plentiful supply of minerals, and all were provided, and also a packet of tobacco. The children received Coronation mugs, sweets, medals, and photos of the King and Queen. The proceedings opened with a brief but tight service in the Reading Room. The sports commenced at one o'clock, the adult section and the juniors occupying one side of the 'Moors'. Each section included nearly 30 events and there was some keen competition splendid meat tea was provided in a large marquee.