Domestic Life
in the 1920's
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"Fruit and vegetables consisted mostly of what you could grow in your own garden or allotments. There used to be allotments on School Lane between what we called the "New Houses" and the school building. The produce would be stored or preserved for the winter months. I remember our bedrooms always used to smell of apples because they used to be kept under our bed".
"For any other groceries, we would place our orders with the local village stores. The nearest general stores were in Aspley Guise. There was Mr Cwute's or Porters (which later became Dudney and Johnsons). A representative would come round once a week to take orders and we would receive our deliveries a few days later".
Shops in Aspley Guise Square
"We also had our own cobbler in the village. He worked in a wooden hut at the back of his house on Turnpike Road. As children we would often go and sit with him work as he cut out the leather and hammer in the nails".