Domestic Life
in the 1920's
Village Menu Page
"Meat too would be delivered. There were several butchers in the area to choose from. We had Mr Allsop in Husborne Crawley, James' from Ridgmont, Barnwell's from Aspley Guise and Barker's from Woburn. If you were out when he came round, the meat would be left in the "safe". This was a cupboard with a gauze door which was fixed to an outside wall of the house. Husborne Crawley had its own slaughter house for a while, it was just next to the White Horse Pub".
The old slaughter house as
it is today in 2001
"The milk would come from Mr Collins dairy. He would cycle round the village with two churns on his handlebars and you would use a scoop to put as much as you wanted into your pot. If you ran out you would walk across to his dairy to fetch more".
Mr Collins dairy as
it is today in 2001
Another visitor I can remember was Mr Boston, the chimney sweep, who would come to the house a couple of times a year in his horse and cart. There was also Mr Begley who cycled round with all his rods and brushes strapped to his bicycle. It was a dirty job. All the furniture had to be completely covered up. By the time he had finished everything was covered in soot, including Mr Boston who would be black from head to toe.