Domestic Life
in the 1920's
Village Menu Page
"Shopping was completely different then too. Most things were delivered to your door as there was no transport to speak of. All the essentials such as milk, bread, meat, eggs, and vegetables would be produced within the village".
"We used to have a wonderful baker in Husborne Crawley - Mr Dove. He would make beautiful bread and cakes. I remember he used to make the most delicious cream horns. He would make his deliveries from his horse and cart".

'Mum would often take food for him too to be cooked. The houses did not have their own ovens until we had the ranges and even then there was a lot you could not bake at home. I remember Mum used to take things like cake mixtures or Yorkshire puddings to the bake house and he would cook them for you".
Mr Dove
The Village Baker
until 1946
Mr Dove's daughter in front of the Bakery in Turnpike Road
"It was Mr Dove who used to make the sandwiches and cakes for the annual Children's Christmas party that Miss Collie always gave for the village children in the Reading Room. They were always delicious"
Mr Dove's bread cart is now on display at Cecil Higgins Museum in Bedford