Mrs Anna Sims
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A project dear to my heart was the library. We had one really attractive bookshelf when I arrived. Over the next few years I scimped and saved to add additional shelves and to make the library a special place. Photographs and other records of our achievements were framed and hung on the walls, we spent a lot of money on good quality books, and again the parents, in particular Mrs Chalk and Mrs Crick initially, were marvellous at organising the library and helping the children to use the reference section and change the books regularly.

Because storage space was so limited in the hall (Class 2 ) and with the advent of computers, we enlisted the help of a company to make a special shelving unit to take books and computers. Of course we had to install a similar unit in class 1. On a recent return to the school, I was pleased to see one also included in the new classroom.
New library bookshelf January 1995
Another problem was identified when the school was inspected for asbestos. This was found in the school house and the classroom had to be supported while the asbestos was removed.
Renovations of
Class 1 in October 1996