Mrs Anna Sims
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Strong links were fostered in the village and I tried to ensure that we took part in church services at Harvest time and Christmas. One of our projects was to buy a Maypole, thanks to the efforts of the Parents Association, and perform maypole dancing at the Husborne Crawley fete The very first occasion the pole had not been staked and I spent the whole performance holding it up. I shall never forget the year we made headbands with crepe paper flowers for the girls. Unfortunately it rained, the colours ran and the children resembled warriors, with streaks of colour running down their faces like war paint.
Maypole dancing at the
Chuch Fete held at Crawley Park
Owl and the Pussycat
December 1998
One major incident was the flood! We had been relying on buckets in our art lessons to wash paintbrushes and palettes, but Ofsted inspectors felt we needed a sink in the hall. This was duly installed.
Unfortunately, the pipes were not lagged sufficiently and during a very cold Christmas holiday they burst.

The staff came in for their training day to find the hall several inches under water. We had to close the school for two days. It wasn't a complete washout though. Water damage meant we had the entire hall redecorated, a mammoth task: the floorboards sanded and resealed: a new ceiling and curtains put in and an electric piano ( that would not need constant tuning ) bought to replace the flooded one. It would have taken us years to find the money for this.

Repairing flood damage January 1997