Mrs Anna Sims
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One improvement I particularly wanted to make took several years to become a reality. Ever since my arrival, I had wanted to make more space for the younger children. I felt it important that the very youngest children had a space to play, whilst at the same time, our six and seven year olds had a quieter enviroment for their work. We considered a Victorian conservatory and a purpose-built reception room among our initial ideas. Because the school is a listed building, English Heritage had to be consulted and there were many reasons why these were not possible. Then, when class sizes had to be under thirty, there was an oppurtunity to apply for an extension and I spent many hours giving reasons and filling in forms to request a new classroom. I was delighted that plans were completed during the Christmas term,1999 and that the new classroom is now in place.
Construction of new school car park Spring 2001
Completed car park - Summer 2001
On a sadder note, a very unfortunate traffic accident occurred outside the school as children crossed the road. Thankfully, the little boy concerned made a full recovery. I had made many requests for a car park by the school as the road outside is so busy first thing in the morning and, with cars having to park on the road, visibility is not always good. This was one project left unfinished. I had hoped the builders would combine it with the building of the classroom, but due to circumstances beyond my control, it was left in abeyance and I still do not know the current state of affairs.