Marriage of
William Peacock and Alice Yates

27th April 1929

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William and Alice spent most of their lives living in Husborne Crawley and both went to the village school, albeit not at the same time as my father was 5 years older than my mother. Before they married, my father joined the Army and was sent to Egypt during the First World War. I think that was the only time he lived away from the village.
Before my mother married she worked as a dressmaker. She served her apprenticeship at a tailors shop in Woburn where she learnt to do very good seaming, buttonholing and detailed work. Later she took a job as a seamstress at a dress shop in Bedford called "Dusts". I think that was quite an unusual job at the time as most girls went into service in those days. She would travel to Bedford every day by train. There was a stop at Crawley on the Bletchley-Bedford line back then. It was known as Crawley Halt.
Growing up together in such a small village, my parents knew each other all their lives. They got married on 27th April 1929 after a long courtship during which time they wrote to each other regularly, even though they saw each other nearly every day! I remember as a child, I used to sneak a look at their letters which my mother had kept. They were beautiful letters. I don't know what happened to them but I do wish I still had them now. They were real love letters.
William Peacock in Uniform during the First World War
My father was a bell ringer at Crawley Church for most of his life and on their wedding day a special peel of bells was rung to mark the occassion. (Click on link to see plaque) They were also presented with a clock and the inscription reads:
"Presented to Mr and Mrs W Peacock by Husborne Crawley Church Ringers
on their wedding April 27th 1929"
I remember as a child the clock used to be in my parents bedroom. I have it now and it is still working beautifully!
William and Alice Peacock on their wedding day outside St. James Church