Marriage of
William Peacock and Alice Yates

27th April 1929

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Josephine Lickorish, is the daughter of life long village residents William and Alice Peacock. Here she recalls her memories of her parents and tells of the lives they spent living in Husborne Crawley.
Josephine Lickorish
My father was born on 11th July 1896 and was the youngest in a family of eight children. He had 6 brothers - Earnest, Charles, Fred, Cyril, Henry and George (who was killed in the First World War), and also one sister Mary. He was born in one of the thatched cottages that used to be next to the Reading Room but when they were demolished the family moved to 30 Turnpike Road.
My mother, Alice Yates, was born on 11th March 1901 in what is now called "Henry VIII Cottage" in Church End. She too came from a large famly of six children, Ethel, Florence, Annie, Alice, Wallace and Sidney.
William and Alice Peacock on holiday in Hastings
Alice Yates as a child standing infront of Henry VIII cottage in Church End in about 1908.