Marriage of
William Peacock and Alice Yates

27thApril 1929

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My mother kept her wedding dress for many years. I don't have a clear memory of the dress but I do recall as a child the feel of the fabric which was a beautiful silk with net. I remember too that trapped inside the net were a few pieces of confetti that must have been thrown as she had left the church.

I suspect that eventually mum would have cut it up to make it into something else. That's what would happen to nearly all unworn clothing as material was in such short supply so once clothes were no longer worn she would turn them into something else.
I don't remember where the reception was. I would guess it would have been at the Reading Room but I do know they went on a honeymoon to Hastings. They went back to Hastings for their holidays for many years after that.
After they married they went to live at Number 17 Turnpike Road. Dad must have been very fortunate to be able to rent this Estate Cottage as he wasn't an Estate worker which meant normally it was almost impossible to get a house in Husborne Crawley as nearly all the houses were owned by the Woburn Estate and only let out to the workers. However they went on to live in that house for all of their married lives until my father died in 1975 just before his 80th birthday.

Of course I remember the house very well as that is where I was born. I was their only child and I was born on 22nd December 1938. My father always told the story of how he had to walk through thick snow all the way to Woburn to get the midwife as there were no telephones then!
William and Alice Peacock in front of Henry VII's Lodge in Woburn Sands
William and Alice Peacock's daughter Josephine