Husborne Crawley
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JUNE 1900
May 6th - Elsie Florence Billington
May 13th - Frederick Arthur Wheeler

May 13th - Martha Elizabeth Sabey"
JULY 1900

"The Husborne Crawley Cricket Club has started the season very well. The first match v. Salford, played on March 16th, ended in an easy victory. The second match v. Aspley Guise, played on June 2nd was lost. The third match on Whit-Monday v Tingrith was won very easily.

June 10th - Florence Isabel Harris, Thomas Leonard Corkett, Gerald Audrey Baylis Fleet"

Sunday School Treat to Bow Brickhill Woods.
"The weather was simply perfect. We were very kindly provided with two commodious wagons to convey the children to the woods at Bow Brickhill where, by kind permission of His Grace the Duke of Bedford, the treat was held. The journey took about an hour and all the arrangements for tea were made by Mrs. Barnwell, and it may truthfully be said that they were as good as the weather. After a substantional meal, further amusement was provided for the children in the shape of races for bags of sweets and cherries; scrambling for nuts and biscuits, mingled with coins supplied by a generous friend of our children and greatly enjoyed"

Two matches have been played against the Eversholt Club each ending in a victory for the Crawley Team.

June 17th - Willie Peacock, Charles Henry Peacock"