Husborne Crawley
Parish Magazine
January - December
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The year opens with the thoughts of Rev. Charles Bickmore who, having been the Vicar at St. James Church for 8 years, was soon to leave the parish of Husborne Crawley. At the start of a new century his entry for the month of January is as follows:
"1900 - A larger change in the figures of the years' date than usual! Will it be a year of larger changes in our lives, our interests, our friends, our foes? It will certainly be a year of great change in our Parish for, soon after this magazine is read, he who writes these words will be no longer be Vicar of Husborne-Crawley, and he, who for eight years has been familiar figures amongst the people of Crawley, will be many long miles away in the North of England.

We would take this opportuntiy of requesting all Crawley people to be prepared to give the new Vicar, whoever in the Providence of God, he may be, a warm and hearty welcome as coming in the name of Christ, to do Christ's work among them, and to be on the look out to see in him everything that is good and pleasing, and refuse to see anything that is not pleasing. Be in no hurry to form or express an opinion and pray earnestly and continually for the Grace of God's Holy spirit to rest upon him and his work.

Board School Scripture Prizes
An examination of the school children's Scripture learning has taken place and Mr. Bickmore's prize of £1.00 fell to Alice Beavington, who gained 42 marks out of 60 given for the whole paper. May Castle gained Mr. Morris' prize of 10s but Mr. Parr was so pleased with Katie Beavington's answers that Mr. Bickmore gave her an additional prize of 5s. Lilly Peppitt gained Mr. Barnwell's prize of 5s and Florrie Fleet and Richard Beavington won Miss sharpe's prizes for the infants of 3s and 2s.

C.E. Anniversary.
This was held on December 5th, and proved a great success. Tea at 5.30p.m. was rather too early. Nevertheless the tea and the collection made at the Free Sacred Concert, exactly produced the 35s which the Society required. We do wish more would attend the meetings on Friday evenings and take their part in them. The committee who organized the Tea and Concert are to be heartily congratulated on their success."