Husborne Crawley
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January - December
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St. James Church has in its possession several bound copies of these lovely journals entitled "Home Words for Heart and Hearth", that were produced at the turn of the last century.

They first came to light in the 1980's when a bookseller in Tebworth contacted the Vicar, the Reverend Huband and advised him that he had come across several of these old journals that contained monthly issues of the Crawley Parish Magazines.
Each volume contains a varied collection of literature promoting a Christian way of life and of a general 'improving and uplifting' nature.

At the back of each of these journals is included the 12 monthly issues of the Parish Magazine for Husborne Crawley that were written by the Vicar of the time.

These fascinating magazines bring to life the times and lives of the people in Husborne Crawley 100 years ago.

On the following pages we give a few extracts contained in the Parish Newsletters.

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