Husborne Crawley
Parish Magazine
January - December
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In this edition Rev. Charles Bickmore lists all the children who received Sunday School Prizes. Tragically, two of the young prizes winners, Frederick Peppitt and Archie Smith, were later to die in the First World War.
Rev Charles Bickmore writes:

"Certificates were presented and signed by Her Grace the Duchess of Bedford. No fault can be found with our scholars for attendance, they come regularly and punctually but Mr. Bickmore and the teachers wish the conduct of the boys, some more especially, would improve. Many boys seem to come only to keep the superintendent and the teachers continually at work to keep order. They don't learn their lessons, they don't listen, they fidget and play, and prevent others from learning. Besides this, there is a terrible lack of thoughtfulness and a general tone of indifference to things concerning their peace, or indeed the peace of others. Mr. Bickmore is not at all sure whether some of these certificates ought to have been presented, as they make mention of conduct, but as he has always been ready to see, or hoped he saw, improvement and would be any means encourage any improvement however slight".

"BURIALS - "Peace, perfect peace, with loved ones far away? In Jesus' keeping we are safe"

January 10th 1900. Mary Wheeler, aged 71 years"