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Charles Barnwell was the Church Warden at
St James for 28 years. His name was also frequently linked to many of the activities taking place within the village. His name appeared on the front of the Parish Magazine, he provided a prize of 5 shillings to the successful school child in their Scripture Studies, he was on the Parish Council and was involved in many of the charity or social events in the village.
On the event of his death in May 1932 the following obituary appeared in the Woburn Reporter.
Charles Barnwell
Mr C A Barnwell
Funeral at Husborne Crawley

The funeral of Mr C A Barnwell took place at Husborne Crawley on 13th May. The Parish Church, so well served by Mr. Barnwell throughout his life, was filled with a congregation fully representative of all classes of the community. The Vicar, Rev. Rust, who was deeply attached to his warden, officiated. Mrs Rust was at the organ and the choir was present. The service included the hymn "Rock of Ages" and as the body was carried from the chancel the
"Nunc Dimittis" was reverently sung.

The numerous wreaths included the following public tributes:

Customers in San Remo and Mount Pleasant, customers and friends from West Hill, the Aspley Guise and Woburn Sands Gas Company, the Glynn Company, the men in the bakehouse, the Aspley Guise Cricket Club, and the parochial Church Choir and ringers. The services at church on Sunday were of a memorial characters.