Barnwell Brothers
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Mr Charles Barnwell and his brothers George and Francis, dedicated much of their life to the work of St James church and the village of Husborne Crawley.
In honour of their efforts, following the death in 1932 of Charles Barnwell, a new clock was installed in the church tower and dedicated to their memory.

Inside the church there can be seen a memorial board also dedicated to the work of the Charles, George and Francis Barnwell.

Church clock dedicated to the Barnwell Brothers in 1933
Memorial plaque
inside St James Church
Charles Barnwell, a tall slender man, was born on 21st November, 1873. He worked as a baker in Aspley Guise. His elder brother, George, was a farmer and lived in Berry Lane, Aspley Guise but still attended Husborne Crawley church every Sunday evening. The youngest, Frank, farmed at Crawley Church End. All three brothers were renowned throughout the country for their cricketing achievements and were known as "The Cricketing Brothers". The boys also had a sister, Louise, who was a school teacher at Stotsford near Hitchin, but sadly she died after an appendix operation in her early 40's.