The Newport Pagnell




Doctor John Rogers was the son of Thomas Rogers also a Doctor who also had along with his son had his own malting's in the town previously. Joseph Parsons was a brewer from St Albans and had married John's sister Elizabeth in in 1806.

1823 and Joseph's son Jesse Parsons and Co. were running the Brewery.

The Brewery was successfully run and owned by Rogers and Parsons for many years. The 1841 census showed John Rogers aged 23, as a brewer and his father John Rogers aged 59 as a surgeon. From 1844 Parsons and Rogers became hop merchants as well as brewers and maltsters.

However by 1848 Jesse was not listed and the Brewery was known as Rogers and Sons.

Doctor John Roger's died in 1956 and the business past on to his elder son John. But he too died a few years later.