W. J. Cooper &

Sons Ltd.



In 1971 the showroom was turned into a Garden Equipment Centre, specialising in powered garden machinery. The farmers had been loath to go into a showroom to purchase a tractor.

With the growth of the new town of Milton Keynes, Cooper's was loosing it's local farmers, mostly small but good customers for used machinery. This amounted to 10% of the companies farming customers. A decision was made then to diversify into selling cars. Part of the showroom was therefore converted into a Car Showroom and they signed an agreement with Peugeot to distribute in Peugeot's in North Bucks. At this time Peugeot was a name most people hadn't heard of before, let alone knowing how to pronounce.

Sadly in September 1980, at the age of 86 years Mr William James Cooper died.
William James Cooper 1894 - 1980.