Secret agents - Violet Szabo
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Born in Paris on the 26th. June, 1921, Violet Szabo was probably one of the most well known agents of the Second World War.

Her mother was French and her father English. After her parents moved back to England she grew up in Stockwell, South London and showed a natural flair for the dare devil active life.

She met the man who would become her husband, Etienne Szabo, a Captain in the

French Foreign Legion, and after dating for a while, they were married on the 21st. August, 1940. Unfortunately they were not married for long, for within barely a year he was killed. Violet then discovered she was pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, Tania.

Violet resolved to become involved in the war effort and offering her services, received a letter from a Mr. E. Potter, asking to see her. She returned a week later to being her gruelling training for the Special Operations Executive.

Violet was twice sent to France but on her second mission she was caught and although tortured and interrogated, showing extreme courage she gave nothing away. Violet was then sent with two other S.O.E. agents, Denise Bloch and Lillian Rolfe, to Ravensbruck Concentration Camp. There she was killed by a shot through the back of the neck.

Violette was awarded The George Cross and the Croix de Guerre for her brave and selfless acts. She was a very young 23 years old.

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