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Agents equipment

S.O.E. operatives had a wide range of equipment to help survive in enemy territory. Specialist jump-suits and personal escape and survival packs were developed by S.O.E.'s own factories.

Agents were carefully prepared for missions. Detailed briefings gave the latest information on the countries and specific locations where they were operating. Cover stories, contact addresses, personal codes and escape routes were provided. S.O.E. s paramilitary teams were given money, food and special military stores to meet individual needs..
1. Parachute helmets and goggles.

2. Stripcase jump-suits designed by S.O.E. for it's agents were also adopted by M16. They were also produced
in white, for winter drops.

3. Hand powered torch.
4. Money belt, issued to the F. Section agent Yvonne Cormeau.
6. Survival packs carried by agents, in case of emergencies on landing.

7. Knife issued to agents, in order to cut the shroud of the parachute. The second blade is a tyre slasher. This example was carried by Fergus Chalmers-Wright.

8. First Aid kit issued to the R.A.F. section Wing Commander F. Yeo Thomas, otherwise known as The White Rabbit.
9. Lethal tablets issued to agents, to enable them to commit suicide if arrested. This tablet was carried by S.O.E. staff officer Douglas Dodds-Parker, when flying over enemy territory.

10. Colt 32 automatic pistol. The pistol pocket of the Jump-suit allowed agents to defend themselves immediately on landing.

11. ‘X’ type parachute.This was the parachute most favoured by S.O.E agents.
12. Spine pad. Worn in a pocket of the jump suit, giving protection to the agent’s back.

13. Fake clothes labels and German military insignia. S.O.E.workshops produced a variety of special clothing, to be worn by agents on operations. It was important that clothes and enemy uniforms were as authentic as possible.

14. French identity and rations cards. Manufactured for R.F. section agent Walter Stanfield.

15. Police, local government and diplomatic stamps, manufactured in Britain and sent to France to be used by S.O.E agents, for the falsification of documents.

16. Cigarette case given to an agent shortly before his departure by Maurice Buckmaster, head of F section. In addition to their sentimental value, expensive gifts were a useful potential source of ready money for agents.

17. French travel passes.
18. French ration card.
19. Matchboxes produced by S.O.E., to help ensure the authenticity of an agent’s cover story.

Welrod Pistol
Specialised dressing areas for agents
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