By 1970, Lakes' residents were creating quite a community for themselves. Milton Keynes Development Corporation appointed Mr. Neil McNeil, who had previously worked in Livingston New Town, as an officer who would work with residents to welcome newcomers and help with any 'teething troubles'. He worked from a room above the Council Housing Office in Coniston Way alongside the Reverend Christopher Gonin. He provided help with information about buses, shops, schools and social activities and encouraged informal residents' meetings. In April of that year, Mr McNeil and Rev. Gonin requested a meeting place from the Council and were given temporary use of a two bedroom bungalow in Windermere Drive. They were not charged rent or rates, but lighting and heating had to be paid for. Chairman of 'The Community House' was Mrs Joyce Draper with Mr. George Cumberland acting as secretary.
An example of one of many street parties.
A Community Forum of 13 residents met at 27 Coniston Way to deal with any problems the Lakes residents may have had in common; they later moved to "The Community House' at 20 Windermere Drive.
A church club of 10-12 members called the 'Contribution Club' also sought to explore any problems that people on the Lakes Estate might have.
Also meeting regularly were the 'Two O'clock Club' - a ladies' discussion group - and the Model Railway Club.
The estate even formed its own football team - Lakes United - in June 1970, which was accepted into the Milton Keynes Sunday league.
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