Landscaping on the estate made the area much more attractive for its new tenants.
Trees of between 12' & 15' tall and shrubs were planted , initially in the courtyard of Menteith Close and then throughout the estate - amounting to 6,000 trees and 20,000 shrubs altogether. The GLC's Landscape architect Mr. David Foreman was involved in providing the Lakes with its 'instant trees'. Housewife Mrs Lynn Merritt, watched as local children helped the workmen with the planting and said she thought it was 'a good idea'.
Lena & Doug Boult were among the last people to move to the estate when the final phase was completed in 1975. They loved their new home and the attractive walkways with their flowerbeds.
'It was beautiful; it really was a wonderful place then,' Lena recalls.
These two photographs show the very wide paved walkways which enable the residents to move about the estate almost entirely without crossing the roads
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