The first turf was turned on the Lakes estate in June 1967- Lord Campbell of Eskan, Chairman of the Milton Keynes Development Corporation, performed this duty. Officials from Bletchley UDC and the GLC also attended the ceremony.
In April 1968, the first house on the estate - No. 79 Buttermere Close - was opened by Mr. George F. Everitt, Chairman of the New and Expanding Towns Committee of the GLC. The new tenants were Mr. & Mrs. B.J. Greenwood and their two small sons, who had moved from Hornsey. On May 17th 1968, Bletchley District Gazette introduced the estate's youngest resident, two week old Ashley Dolleywater
More families were gradually moving in and making themselves at home.
Real-life stories of some of the first Lakes residents
In 1969, Margaret Drinkwater moved with her family from Paddington - they were pleased to get what seemed like a 'massive' house after living in a one bedroom house in London.
Freda Needham came with her husband and while he went to work at Dyson's, she worked in the Bunces shop which was temporarily located inside a house in Coniston Way. One of the first amenities to open on the estate. At first she found the pace of life 'too slow', but adjusted to it very well as she continued to live there for the next 28 years.
Beryl & Sean Wiseman moved from Battersea in 1971 and enjoyed living in such a good community with lots of young people, despite sometimes feeling isolated after the hustle & bustle of London.

This picture left, shows the Wiseman's three storey home on the Lakes Estate
Above and left: Two examples of the many playground areas that could be found all over the estate.
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