Buckingham Branch

Problems with.

The Buckingham branch of the Grand Junction Canal main terminus was to the East of the town. There was a short section that ran into the town. This short section did belong to the Grand Junction Canal Company. This section was used by the Buckingham Corporation to discharge all the town’s sewage into it. This section was connected to the River Ouse by a feeder which allowed river refuse to accumulate in the canal.

Due to the sewage and refuse, weed was a great problem at this end of the canal. Periodically the canal company would
clean out the canal, sometimes going right into the town. But the problem was not sorted out until the end 1890’s. When the canal company took legal action against the Buckingham Corporation. With an injunction being obtained against the Buckingham Corporation. This finally solved the problems but by then the damage to trade had been done.

There were also problems at Mountmill some three and a half miles up the arm in the early 1900’s. Here the canal runs very close to the river Ouse and some 50ft above. This section had always had problems with leaks with things coming to a head in 1919, when a 200 yd section was dewatered and the
bottom and sides were concreted.