List of sponsors for the Parliamentary Act of 30 April 1793
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This Act covered the building of the Grand Junction Canal from the Thames at Brentford to Braunston in Northampton. The act also included four branches, from Braunston summit to Daventry; from Gayton near Bilsworth to Northampton and the river Nene; from Cosgrove in Northamptonshire to Old Stratford; and from Rickmansworth to Watford in Hertfordshire.

Most Noble Francis Egerton Duke of Bridgewater
George Grenville Nugent Marquis of Buckingham
Rt. Hon, Philip Stanhope Earl of Chesterfield
Rt. Hon.William Ann Holles Capel Earl of Essex
Rt. Hon. George Fermor Earl of Pomfret
Rt. Hon. Thonas Villiers Earl of Clarendon
Robert Abbey Thomas Watts James Fell
Edward Adams Harry Watts John Percival
Thomas Adams Benjamin Way James Pickard
William Adams William Wefton William Arkins Pinkard
Francis Agard Henry Whately William Pratt
John Anderton James Mhitmay Philip Parry Price MD
William Andrews Matthew Whilton Richard Tomkyns Price
Oliver Aplin Samuel Whitwell John Price
James Arnold Fiennes Wickham John Wilkinfon of Northampton Rev Thomas Propert
George Meyrick Afcough John Wilkinfon of Leicester William Rathbone
Thomas Aftle Jofeph Wilkes Jofeph Rathbone
Robert Atkins Philip Williams J H Rann
Abraham Awfen Newman Williatt Rev. Jofeph Rann
Thomas Ainfworth Robert Williatt David Rattray MD
Hon. Edward Bouverie David Willis Thomas Rawbone
Sir William Bowyer Baronet Houghton Wilfon John Reeves
William Babbington Thomas Wilfon John Remington
Anthony Blackhoufe Benjamin Wilfon John Field
Daniel Bake John Walker Wilfon William Firmadge
Junius Baker Bradford Wilmer Thomas Fidkin
Samuel Bankart John Wilmer Thomas Fodon
James Bankart George Wood Edmund Ford
Edward Bankart John Woodcock Jonathan Forfte
Willima Belcher Richard Woodfield Robert Forfte
Thomas Bennett Richard Woodward Thomas Francis
George S Benton John Worley Thomas Freeman
Thomas Berry Marc Wratiflavia William Henry Freemantle
John Burt Leefort Wright Thomas Freer
James Bool James Wyatt Stamp Garrard
Henry Bowles MD Lancelott Wyatt John Geary
George Bown James York William Gilby
Philip Box William Chance Thomas Golby
Richard Brabant Chafe William Golby
Robert Bree MD John Chafe James Golby
James Bree William Charteris Thomas Godfrey
Thomas Bree Samuel Churchill (the younger) James Goddington
Francis Breedon Thomas Clare DD John Goode
William Browne Jofeph Clarke William Goldfmith
Richard Brown Hamlet Clarke Elizabeth Gleen
Rev. Henry Bromefield Samuel Clarke Elizabeth Grant
George Brooks Thomas Clay DD Thomas Grant
Jofeph Brooks Samuel Clay John Grant
William Buck John Coates Edward Oakley Gray
Rev William Buckle Timothy Cobb Robert Gray
James Dicker Budd William Cole William Grahame
Richard Burgh Henry Cole Tobias Green
John Burford Jofhua Cooke John Gwillim
Thomas Burkitt Edward Cooke Sir Thomas Hamner
Richard Burton George Cooke Baronet Graham Hamner
John Caldecott John Collingridge Edward Hamner
Samual Caldecott Thomas Collet Jofeph Hall
Peter Capper John Cope of Birmingham John Hall
John Edward Carter (the younger) John Cope Druggist of same place Charles Maurice Hardy
Ifaac Carter John Cowper Henry Harding
John Cartwright William Cox of Derby Thomas Harrifon
William Chambers William Cox of Leicester John Harrifon
Henry Chambers John Cox Henry Bagshaw Harrifon
William Chance Rev. Holford Cotton Edward Bagshaw Harrifon the Younger
William Hodgkinfon John Craddock Edward Harris
John Hollier William Craddock Richard How
John Hollinsworth Richard Curtis Henry Hawley
Thomas S Hollinson John Dadley Jofeph Hawtyn
John Holland Thomas Davies William Hayes
Soloman Holloway John Davy DD Francis Hayes
John Holmes Thomas Davy Hugh Henfhall
Rev. Robert Holt Richard Dayrell Rev Luke Heflo
Philip Homer Edmund Daynell DD Jofeph Hewitt
Arthur Homer Samuel Deacon Samuel Heyrick
Thomas Homer Robert Dent William Heyrick
William Homer Peter Denys John Heyrick (the younger)
Thomas Horton Benjamin Dickens Richard Heydon
John Walter Horton William Dickenfon Thomas Higginfon
William Hopkins Thomas Dickenfon John Higgins
Richard Horwood Samuel Dickenfon Thomas Hill
Wiiliam Horton
Kenelm Digby William Hiliker
John Houghton Robert Dimfdale Richard Richardfon
Edward Hutchins Thomas Douglas William Richardfon
Thomas Hutchins John Downing Thomas Richards
Jofeph Hutchins Samuel Dumbleton Theophilus Richards
Abraham Hume John Eames William Robinfon
William Hunt Samuel Eboral William Rogers
George Pitt Hurft
William Elliott Noah Rollafon
George Jackfon William Elverfon John Roper
Rev. John Jaques Thomas Emerton John Rotberam
Robert Lee Thomas Ewefdin Rowland Roufe
Thomas Wightman Jee Giles Fairbrother Thomas Ruffell
S G Jemfon John Farr Abraham Samuel
John Jenkinfon Rev. William Fell LLD William Lucas Jofeph Scrivener
John Jepcott John Manfell John Seaton
Edward Inge (the younger) William Marfh William Selby
Jofeph Inkerfole William Marfh MD George Sharp
William Inkerfole John Marfh LL Samuel Salifbury Shaw
Thomas Inkerfole John Daynell Martin Thomas Sherratt
Edward Johnfon of Braunfton Rev. William Mafter Thomas Sheppard
Edward Johnfon of London William Mavor DD Samuel Shenftone
John Kettlebury Francis Mead James Shipton
John King William Minfhull Samuel Simcock
Thomas Kitelee Matthais Mogridge James Simpfon
Josefh Kitelee R B Morgan William Simpfon
William Kirby (the elder) James Marpoo Charles Simpson
John Malmbury Kirby John Langton Rev. Robert Simpson
Sir Jonathan Lovett Baronet Harry Morris Robert Simpfon MD
Thomas Lake Francis Moore Richard Siret
Rev. Stephen Lanfton William Mott Thomas Sleath
Charles Latham (the younger) Richard Moul Jofeph Sleath
John Lowton Sir Roger Newdigate Baronet Rev. Edward Orkebar Smith
William Leaper George Nelfon Micheal Smith
William Led Charles Newcombe Charles Smith
George Led Daniel Norton George Smith
John Linnett William Oldham William Smith
William Jekk Lockett Samuel Oliver Drummond Smith
Thomas Lockwood Peter Oliver Chriftopher Smith
Jeremiah Lowe of Coventry I Bafs Oliver John Southam
Jeremial Lowe of Oxford William Oliver John Sparrow
Richard Longman William Orme WilliM Spell
George Luck George Osborn Chriftopher Stavely
Martin Lucas George Owen Henry Peter Stacey
Paul Vaillant William Praed Esq Richard Stevens
John Viggars John Parker John Stephenfon
John Villers Jofeph Parker John Stone
James Cillers Benjamin Parker John Stoney
Charles Waiftall George Parrott Benjamin Sutton
William Walford John Parfpns Thomas Swinburn
Rev George Walters Henrietta Pauncefort Thomas Thompfon Esq
James Wall Matthew Payne Edward Tatham DD
Jeremiah Wall William Payne Williak Thacker (the younger)
George Wallis Richard Payton George Thomas
William Walker I P Perry James Tibbetts
Philip Hoddle Ward John Peter Thomas Tite
Edward Watts John Percival John Tookey
Thomas Towers Thomas Trinder John Twells
Francis Uthwatt
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