(1989 population estimate 3,480, 1988 employment 600)

Central north MK. old parish name of Stanton (e) (bury from Norman lords of manor, Barre ). Recorded in Doomsday Book as being held by Ralph from miles crispin, and having a mill. Street names from local fields and the general history of the parish. The remains of the oldvillage of Stanton Low are just to the north of the designated area near Stantonbury Lake, with the ruins of St. Peter’s church still visible.

Developed for housing from about 1972 and continuously developing since the early 70s as the first and most radical joint venture in education and community in Bucks. There is also a private, co-educational school (Bury Lawn) which relocated here from two different sites.

While the rest of Bucks remained selective in secondary education MK was encouraged to develop a comprehensive and community based culture. Stantonbury campus was to be what the first director (Geoff Cooksey) called “an environment in which the individual can enjoy and extend himself through the fullest use of the resources which only a large community can offer, without being oppressed and diminished by the very size, complexity and necessary manifestations of that provision”. Not all teachers and students have been suited to this, and great changes in education have been and are taking place anyway.

Nevertheless the campus at present includes: two comprehensive schools - using materials written by the teachers and produced on the printing presses (as opposed to using text books), theatre - drama, music etc. leisure centre - one of five planned for MK;outdoor sports facilities, and athletics track; youth club and hostel; church; health centre - multi practice doctors and dentists etc. Shopping centre - supermarket, general store, post office etc.
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