The Church Piece.

At the time of the enclosure of the common lands in 1798, a small piece of land was given in exchange for land "left for the purpose of furnishing rushes for the church on Feast Sunday". By 1833, the land was being used to provide grass or hay to strew the church. The land measured 2 roods and 24 perches and it is now where 69 Leighton Road stands (see the 'Village Map' for an aerial view).

It was sold on 30th September 1925 for £100 and the proceeds invested by the Charity Commission. The income of which is now around £2 per annum. It is interesting to note that as agricultural land it was being let by the parish for the sum of 21 shillings per annum throughout the 19th Century according to the church warden's accounts. This would have a value of £100 in today's money, so the Charity Commission's investment has been pretty poor!

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