The Village Fete

The feast day was also being celebrated in other ways. In 1942 the parish council was asked for permission to hold a fete on the recreation ground which had been given to the parish by the Earl of Rosebery in 1924. Click here to see an aerial view.This fete was to raise funds for the School Sanitation project and permission was granted. Although this was a one off, as the Village fair ended, the Vicarage began to hold an annual fete at the time of the patronal festival.

Bowling at the fete in 1958

This became an annual celebration. Although the "Wingrave Summer festival" could not involve the whole community if only because the vicarage garden was limited in size.

In 1977 after the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations, where the whole of Wingrave was reported to be out doors enjoying themselves, the editor of the Communique (the magazine of Wingrave's Community association), lamented that " One is left wondering whether we must wait for the next Jubilee before the Village is en Fete again. Many of us recall when something of this happened every year at Wingrave Feast or the Patronal Festival as we now call it" and he went on to say that " Feast Sunday weekend offers a unique opportunity to revive the secular side of this ancient village festival and perhaps this years memorable weekend might become an annual event."

How right he was. The annual Village Fete previously established on the Recreation ground became the focus of the 'Summer celebration'. It features stalls run by local community clubs, societies and charities and provides entertainment, shows and games including a beer tent! It is now a regular event in which the whole community is involved.

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