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Willen in the 60s: Living in Willen

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Of course, opinions varied as what it was like to live in Willen then:

"When we first came it was a dark winter's day and the fields were all soggy and I thought it was a god forsaken place and who on earth would want to live here. But in the Spring it was nicer, pleasant and bucolic."

Roger Else, resident since 1970

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Milton Road in the 1960's
"Having lived in a big city coming to Willen was very nice - there was great freedom. We used to go across the fields and no one would bother you"

Don Beamish, resident since 1960

"The lake, I think, spoiled the village. Before the lake was built there were chestnut trees in front of Manor Farm, In the Summer it was beautiful. Between Willen and Milton Keynes and also between Willen and Great Linford there were open fields. If you wanted to go to Milton Keynes you only had 2 or 3 gates to open."

Howard Rees, the last farmer in Manor Farm, resident since 1930

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