Willen People

The Goodman family

Alfred & Amelia Goodman

Alfred (1827-1896) lived in the same cottage all his life. His mother Sarah died when he was just five, but his father married again in 1834 and went on to have another 13 children, (making a total of 16 children!) When he married Amelia from Shenley, around 1850, his father and step mother moved up the road.
Alfred and Amelia Goodman's cottage, picture from the Willen Parish File, CRO Aylesbury
Amelia was a basket maker. She made extra money for the family by skillfully weaving willow wands to make baskets.
Of their five children, John and Harry died young, aged 6 and 12 respectively, but William became a farm labourer, Sarah Ann married and went to live in Birmingham, and Suzannah must have been a bright girl because, unusually for a labourer's child, she was still at school in 1881 at the age of 13. She ended up marrying Edward Jenkins, a piano tuner from Oxford in 1892. Alfred and Amelia lived on until the 1890s.
Willow basket of the sort made by Amelia Goodman.