Millennium Tour

Corbett Close & the 'New' Cottages

Corbett Close is named after Corbett Scriven who was the farmer at Manor Farm during the middle of the C19th. The 1881 map of the village shows that these houses are built on the site of a range of Victorian farm buildings, which themselves replaced the cottage lived in by 'Old Blind Abbot'. During the 1970's a village fete was held here by the barns.
These cottages, now private homes, were built in the mid 1800s to house farm labourers. They look very like the pair below, but they were probably built a few years apart because, while stone was used on the corners and round the windows of the pair on the left, cheaper white brick was used for the pair below. The Clares and the Goodmans lived here in late 19th century.
None of these cottages had electricity until the 1920s, and then only downstairs. Taps for indoor running water were put in the 1940s and the first septic tank, in the village, (for sewage), was installed in the 1970s. The Richardson's lived here in the late 19th Century.