In July 1947, the school was visited by Miss Byatt to see what arrangements could be made for providing hot meals at mid-day for children who were unable to go home at lunchtime.

The County Architect, Mr Harris, inspected the school in September to see if a suitable site for a canteen could be found near the school.

On October 23rd 1947, the school logbook states that:
“A certain amount of equipment for the provision of a mid-day meal for the children who have to stay at mid-day has now arrived, namely:
2 cupboards
3 tables
1 towel roller
3 towels,
3 dusters,
3 scouring cloths.”
Early in December, Miss Blockley of the School Meals Department called at the school to make final arrangements for “Oslo” meals to be served the following term. On 6th January 1948, 19 children received Oslo school meals, prepared and served by Mrs Stanley.

In December the Oslo meals were replaced by full cooked meals (including meat!). The canteen staff now comprised Mrs Stanley, Mrs Gardner and Mrs Osborne.

By February 1954, 70 children were regularly eating school meals cooked and served in the Village Institute adjacent to the school. These premises were leased by the Education Authority due to lack of space on the school site.
IN 1926
The canteen was regularly inspected by HMI and the Department of Public Health

At the end of 1957, the school had to vacate the Institute whilst it was demolished and a new Village Hall built in its place. The infants were served their meals in the Baptist Schoolroom and the rest of the pupils were fed in their classrooms in the school. All the meals were supplied by the Yelvertoft Kitchen.
Meals were served in the new Village Hall in January 1959.

Reliance on school meals being supplied from an outside source was not without its problems:-
4th May 1962
“Sent complaint to school kitchen at Yelvertoft that the quantity of food supplied is insufficient.”

4th March 1970
“Heavy snow. School meals did not reach here until 12.45 and then only through the kindness of a farmer, Mr Bailey, who, with his farm vehicle managed to get through when the regular vehicles had failed.”

In 1972 school meals were supplied by the school kitchen at Crick.

The popularity of school meals gradually declined over the following years. School meals are no longer provided, the children opting for packed lunches which are now eaten in the new school hall.