After the second world war, more space was needed due to an expanding curriculum. In 1948 the school negotiated with the council to hire the institute as additional classroom space for woodworking and as a canteen. An agreement was reached, then renegotiated in 1955 to allow the infants to be accommodated.
IMAGE: LB SchoolPlan1955
April 24th 1955, Mr Latimore writes:
In January 1958, the infants moved temporarily into the Baptist school room for their lessons, with their teacher Miss Buttle. They ate their lunches there, which were brought from the Yelvertoft kitchen.
This was because the Church Institute was being demolished to make way for the new village hall, to be built on the same site. This was opened on 13th December 1958, and immediately started duty as the school canteen.
The infants moved back into the school after the summer holidays in September 1958.

With the opening of the new Guilsborough Secondary School in 1958 additional facilities became available, and the children now travelled to woodwork classes in Guilsborough two miles away, however, the village hall continued to be used for school meals until after 1980.
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