In 1892 the HMI Report on the school said “The room is very crowded and a classroom is badly needed ... a cloakroom should be provided for the hats and cloaks, which greatly disfigure the room. The Offices (toilets!) should be partitioned and the door between the two playgrounds kept locked”

Boys and girls used seperate playgrounds in Victorian times.

On September 26th 1892 the log records “The new class room is now completed and the fittings (new desks etc) provided. It will undoubtedly prove a great help to order and efficiency”.

The boys’ and girls’ Offices outside were adjacent, with a door between them which was kept locked.

The Infants room had a gallery for seating and a gangway at either end (1893).

There were fireplaces at each end of the school. Improvements were made to the windows in 1894 by raising them and making them open at the top. This admitted more light to the classrooms, which was controlled using blinds.

September 15th 1899 - 3 ventilators were placed in the school roof: one in the main room and one in each class room. The walls were re-coloured and the woodwork painted and varnished. New basins were fixed in the lobbies and a small bell placed on the roof of the girls’ lobby.
March 1901 a Flagstaff was erected in the school playground, and a Union Jack procured (with funds raised by the children) - this was flown for imporrtant events such as the King's birthday.
Fires heated the school in the 1900's and were usually lighted around the second week of October until May.

The fireplace in the classroom was replaced by a stove in 1905, the boys' and girls' Offices enlarged and improved, and five new ventilators added in the walls of the school.

The next major change was when the Offices were brought inside. The outside arrangements were orginally one block. Later two blocks were used - one for the older boys, and one for the girls and infants. They were at the front of the old school building. The outside Offices were unsatisfactory as in the winter they were continually frozen and blocked. They were demolished when the inside facilities were built into the school.

Water for the school was originally obtained from a pump on the Green. It no longer exists, but was against the wall of the house facing the Village Hall.
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