There is a memorial tablet to John Heygate, within the church on the South Chancel wall. It is headed by
It is headed by his family
Motto; Boulogne et Cadiz
Crest; A Wolf’s Head erased
Arms; Two bars, on a bend or, a torteau between two leopards’ faces. An annulet for difference.
And reads
to the memory of
of West Haddon Lodge, in this parish,
who departed this life
on the 24th day of December, 1837,
in the 82nd year of his age.
Endowed by nature and inheritance
with a vigorous and independant mind,
and blessed by providence with worldly fortune,
his life was marked
by various acts of kindness and charity.
He erected a School House
and vested in Trustees
an endowment
for the perpetual and gratuitous instruction
of poor children
of West Haddon and Winwick.
He aided in augmenting the accommodation
for divine worship in this Church
and liberally supported various institutions
in this and the adjacent counties ;
especially the Infirmary and Lunatic Asylum
at Northampton.
These noble institutions
with the Leicester and Bedford Infirmaries,
two friendly Societies in West Haddon,
the poor of six adjacent villages, and of Wellingborough,
were remembered in his last will ;
by which he also bequeathed a benefit
to be annually distributed
amongst the poor of this parish.
These things are not recorded for the purpose
of exalting human and imperfect actions,
nor as a vain eulogium on the dead,
but that the living may imitate this example,
and whilst it is yet in their power,
dedicate a liberal portion of their substance
in obedience to HIM who gave it.
In November 1979 Mr Johnson writes in the Logbook.
"22nd Class One Head visited WH Church to see recently discovered vault under floor - several old coffins and floor area of special interest to archaeologists."

Miss Barbara Heygate was also invited to view her family vault and she remembers:

"It had been sealed up. It was not damp: The brasses were still bright. A wreath was there still quite fresh-looking and in good condition, but it crumbled when the air came in. There were about fifteen people interred there."

A report appeared in the local newspaper.

The builders finished their inspection, and the vault was re-sealed.