During the 19th century, education in West Haddon, like the rest of Great Britain, underwent radical reforms.

In 1818, according to the Education Returns (now held at the County Records Office) two Sunday Schools existed in West Haddon, educating some 80 children between them. (In 1808 Mr John Kilsby had bequeathed the annual interest of £10 for ever to the Church Sunday School). The same return, details that on two evenings each week a “writing school” was held free of charge attended by 40 children.

A third small school also seemed to be in existence with 30 children on its roll but was described in the Return as “of an inferior description”.

In 1825, Mr John Heygate Esq., built the Heygate School and endowed it with the interest of £1000, a house and garden for the master and mistress to live in rent free and also two cottages adjoining, for the purpose of educating the poor children of West Haddon and ten poor children of Winwick.

He vested the school and property in Trustees; the original Trust Deed was dated 2nd September 1825.

Copies of Signatures of some of the original Trustees:
The other Trustees included:
John Heygate
Thomas Heygate
William Butlin
Robert Heygate
John Heygate ThomasHeygate, jnr. William Heygate, jnr. William Lovett
Robert Kilsby
William Kilsby
John Gulliver
Thomas Underwood George Jackson
Nathaniel Parnell
John Manton

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