The Heygates are one of the old Northamptonshire land-owning families, who have lived around here for three or four hundred years. John Heygate was the youngest child, and the third son of the family. Born in September 1755, he was brought up to recognise his responsibilities to the community and he lived up to them. In addition to endowing West Haddon school (which at times in its history has been known as the Heygate School) he was also one of the first subscribers to the Northampton General Lunatic Asylum (later known as St Andrew’s Hospital) to the considerable sum of £500. John Heygate was a bachelor. He lived at The Grange,a substantial farm just outside West Haddon. He died on Christmas Eve in 1837, and is buried in the family vault under West Haddon Church.
and these are;
Chas Heygate 1745 - 1808
1752 -c1822
JOHN 1755 - 1837
Martha Parsons 1773 -c1850
Anne Heygate
1775 - 1847
Chas. 1777 - 1856
Thos. 1782 - 1836
Eliz. Slye 1784 - 1851
Wm. Heygate 1787 - 1860
Anne Lovell 1779 - 1843
Eliz. Heygate
Martha Lucas 1748 - 1823
Mary Heygate 1781 - 1811
Thos. Parsons c1770 - c1817
Thos Walter Slye 1794 - 1871