1896 Dec 22nd Held an Examination of the Scholars today for the purpose of alloting Prizes in the various Classes.

1897 Jany 14th The children and teachers subscribed for and presented a wreath for the late pupil teacher who was buried today.

1897 April 5th A holiday was given in the afternoon - the School room being used for the Election of Parish Councillors.

1897 April 6th A boy - Fred Parnell - was called out for disturbing his class this afternoon when he began discussing the matter and gave some trouble by refusing to hold out his hand in an orderly way - I boxed his ears and eventually gave him the caning he deserved.
My boy Fred came home this afternoon with a swollen head caused by blows from the master’s fist bruising the bone as well as the flesh.
Richard Parnell
1897 April 7th This boy was brought to my home by his Father the bruise was but slight (G Harday, doctor)

Jan 31st 1898 As requested by the Trustees whose names appear above Charles Woodford was this morning punished with two strokes upon his hands for throwing a book at the Assistant Mistress’s head in the absence of the Master

1898 Sept 19th School re-opened this morning after the Harvest Holidays
The Rev E.E. Lovell, Pastor of the Baptist Chapel in the village called this noon-time with a formal requisition for the withdrawal of the Children of the following parents from the Religious Instruction given in the School viz:-
Mr R. Parnell Mr Frank Colly sr
Wm Farn Wm Hancock
Geo Orland Eli Lee
Chas Orland Thos Line
Jas Gammage Wm Cook
Jus Collins Mrs Ann Adams
Alfd Mortimer Mr Thos Clarke
E Goodman Wm Nicholls
Mrs Cornish A Kirby
1898 Sept 20th The fullest respect was paid to the above request this morning and arrangements made for Secular work for the Children referred to during the time devoted to religious instruction.
1898 Oct 22nd Bad weather has kept several from “lodges” away and an American exhibition and circus in the neighbourhood has also caused some absences.

1898 Dec 16th A boy - Bernard Cornish - accidentally broke the wash-basin in the boy’s lobby this morning. He was balancing a broom-stick on its end on one finger and it fell upon the side of the earthenware basin and broke a piece out of its side.

1898 Dec 16th Prepared and forwarded lists of scholars in their various classes with ages to the Hon. Mrs FitzRoy, who proposes to give a Xmas tree to the school on Dec 27th
1899 Jan 9th School re-assembled this morning. In the recess a Xmas tree and tea were given to the Scholars by the Hon. Mrs. FitzRoy, also a Tea with presentation of prizes by Mrs. Wallis followed by an entertainment given by the Scholars who had been trained and prepared for their respective parts by Miss Shrives and the Assistant Mistress and Infant Monitress. The Ent. was a decided success and heartily appreciated by large audiences on two successive evenings.

1899 Jan 11th School was dismissed at 11 o’clock - the Pytchley hunt meeting in the village. As is frequently the case when the hounds are in the vicinity, the attendance was thin in the afternoon.

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